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Meet Our Volunteers

Every month, we share the story of one of our Master Gardener Volunteers. 

Hello, I'm Jeannie Chromey and a Master Gardener Volunteer in Eau Claire

My Story


As a child on the farm my mom always had a large vegetable garden and did a lot of canning to feed our family of 8 all winter. As I got involved in 4-H I spent more time learning about the garden. I always had trouble seeing those little plants crowded by weeds. As a result I spent a great deal of time sitting in the dirt.
My interest in the Master Gardening program began when my sister started showing me what her Master Garden group was doing. I especially enjoy that as a group we have such diverse interests in gardening and that I can always learn something new. The more we share within our group and with other groups and clubs the deeper the well of knowledge we can all benefit from. I have really enjoyed my time on the board as an opportunity to get to know more of you and develop deeper friendships.


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