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Meet Our Volunteers

Every month, we share the story of one of our Master Gardener Volunteers. 

Hello, I'm Tracy Hirsch and a Master Gardener Volunteer in Eau Claire

My Story

I’ve been gardening for about 35 years and became a Master Gardener in late 2014 after moving back to Eau Claire in 2013. I grew up in Chippewa Falls, where my parents had a huge vegetable garden and some fruit-bearing shrubs, attended UWEC, and then spent the following ten years living on the East Coast before returning to Wisconsin in 2005. I went to school for an associate’s in horticulture in Virginia and was a member of the Fox Point Garden Club, where I heard about Master Gardening.

I primarily volunteer at the North Riverfront Children’s Garden, watering and helping with maintenance. I started helping with teaching there last summer. I’m more of a behind-the-scenes volunteer, but teaching the kids from The Boys and Girls Club is interesting too. 

I have made some fun connections in the community through my involvement with the Master Gardener program and plan to continue until I just can’t anymore. 


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