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Meet Our Volunteers

Every month, we share the story of one of our Master Gardener Volunteers. 

Hello, I'mEllen Terwilliger and I'm a Master Gardener Volunteer in Eau Claire

My Story

I got my start in gardening by offering to pull weeds for an older woman when I was 11. The woman was dismayed to discover that I had pulled quite a number of perennial plants from her garden. Since then I've figured out that plants not in bloom can still be valuable.


I became a Master Gardener Volunteer 10 years ago. I had already been volunteering at Lakeshore Elementary working with kids to plant seeds and plant a vegetable garden. I still work at Lakeshore but have taken on a variety of other roles and projects through the years. Being on the board has certainly allowed my to get to know most of my fellow Master Gardener Volunteers and many people in the community.


Besides gardening I enjoy the human interaction. Education has been such an important part of my life and continues to be in my role as an MGV. I like sharing information, plants and skills both formally and informally. In my own garden I have fruit trees, fruit, vegetables, native grasses and plants forming a meadow, a variety of flowering perennials. I believe that we need to take care of our earth and gardening sustainably is one path I feel called to follow. It is a joy to meet other gardeners and to share gardening with my daughters and family.


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