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Why Are We Master Gardener Volunteers?

  • Because we want to share horticulture information in our communities with children and adults

  • Because gardening renews us, speaks to us

  • Because we care about the environment

Become a Master Gardener Volunteer

Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program –  This program provides horticultural training to adults who, in turn, volunteer for Eau Claire County UW - Extension. The goal is to connect people with resources and research-based information to help people better understand horticulture and their environment.

Contact the UW-Extension Office at  715-839-4712 or by emailing for dates of area Master Gardener Training.
Course topics include:

  • pest management of mammals, insects, and diseases

  • lawn care, fruits, vegetable, and tree care

  • general gardening practices

The training is designed to focus on current volunteer project needs.

Maintaining volunteer status with UW-Extension’s Master Gardener Volunteer Program includes providing a minimum of 24 volunteer hours and 10 hours of continuing education.



The purpose of all University of Wisconsin Extension (UWEX) Master Gardener Volunteer Program is to provide Horticultural Education, Community Service, and Environmental Stewardship for our communities. The Eau Claire Area Master Gardener Association invites you to join our efforts to educate and beautify our area and Become a Master Gardener Volunteer. The Eau Claire Area Master Gardener Volunteer Association is a local association of the Wisconsin Master Gardener Volunteer Program.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: We are volunteer leaders in providing horticulture education, empowering community to become environmental stewards.

Vision: Leaders in providing Horticulture education, practicing environmental stewardship and serving our communities

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