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Eau Claire Area
Master Gardener Volunteer Association


Honeybee’s role as pollinators, what you can do for bees, and see what is inside a hive!

Join Beekeeper Drew Kaiser for an informal and informative visit on June 5th to some of his hives located at Square Roots Farm.


Drew runs Kaiserson Bee Company with his wife, Ellen Sorenson and they specialize in small batch, location specific honeys. Drew has kept bees for over a dozen years and manages around 35 colonies.


Drew will discuss honeybee’s role as pollinators, what you can do for bees, and show you inside a hive. Expect to get up close to bees!

Venue: Square Roots Farm

Address: E9985 W Mallard Rd, Fall Creek, WI 54742Fall Creek WI 54742, US

Tour #1: 4 - 5 pm

Tour #2: 5 - 6 pm

We are volunteer leaders in providing horticulture education, empowering community to become environmental stewards.

Leaders in providing Horticulture education, practicing environmental stewardship and serving our communities.

To provide Horticultural Education, Community Service, and Environmental Stewardship for our communities.

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